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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu newman's own foundation focus features and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to meet your growth objectives, we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news
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america." >> the loss of life in syria despite the presence of arab league monitors. the north koreans pay their last respects to kim jong un hill and all eyes turned to the regime's new leaders. escalating sectarian violence in nigeria as christians warned that they will respond following a wave of deadly islam as the tax. welcome to "bbc world news." palestinian police rushed in to break up a brawl between rival priests at the church of the nativity in bethlehem. could the colosseum in rome be crumbling?
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violence is continuing in syria despite the presence of the arab league monitoring mission. 10 people were killed including one child on wednesday. syrian state television is report that 755 people held in their role in the uprising have been released but activists say as many as 15,000 remain in prison. this report does contain distressing images. >> no let up in the violence even with the arab league monitors whose mission is to try to stem the bloodshed. these images from the town of homs which emerged after the team said the situation was reassuring. opposition activists are determined to show the world the cost of their uprising. this boy is laid on the bonnet of the observer's car.
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there is more trouble in the town of hama. peaceful protests are meant to be allowed now but there has been little sign from the authorities to loosen their grip. in a gesture to the observers, the syrian army says they have a the 755 people. that is a small fraction of the thousands being held. human rights watch has said they have been told that as many as 600 might have been moved to military sites to hide them from the air of the monitors. there are about 50 observers on the ground led by a sudanese general who served in darfur. >> in order to actually ensure that you provide some sort of protection, you are going to need many many more.
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they will need to be totally independent of syrian security. >> as the conflict escalates, not all of the gunfire is coming from one side. these pictures are said to be defectors from the syrian army firing at a convoy of security forces. the question is where the arab league's unprecedented mission can really help to solve the deepening crisis. cracks in just a few minutes, we will hear from the coordinator for the syrian observatory of human rights. tens of thousands of north koreans turned out to pay their respects to their late leader, kim jong il, his funeral has taken place in p'yongyang. his body was accompanied by a the man who was chosen to succeed him, kim jong un.
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our cameras are not allowed inside of north korea so report is from south korea. >> the weeping announcer, the music, and the slow movement of kim jong il. this was completely choreographed. the yarn and completely inexperienced kim jong un un taking over. -- beyond the - -the young and completely inexperienced kim jong un taking over. each one of these people know that this is expected of them. occasionally, if you catch a glimpse of a soldier filming the crowd so that they don't forget. select few talk to camera. it does not sound spontaneous. snow is falling like tears, he says. how could the heavens not cry when we lost our general who is
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a great man from the heavens? down here in seoul, stuff like that just sounds absurd. is any of the grief it genuine? this man spent his time in a northern labor camp then escaped to south korea. >> the people that we saw in p'yongyang get more fuel and consumer goods. those in the countryside would not be sorry. >> the succession has now passed peacefully to the third generation of the family business. kim jong un is so young and inexperienced, he will be back up into the man walking behind him here is his uncle -- he will need back up. the man walking behind him here is his uncle. he has the right credentials. >> the delete of north korea know that they need him. of north korea know
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that they need him. they need him for legitimacy. once they lose that, they are in trouble. >> this year has not been a good one for dictators. here in seoul, the ceremonies are not over yet. tomorrow, there will be a three minute silence followed by the blowing of horns and sirens right across north korea. there will be a huge demonstration of ordinary citizens, completely voluntary, of course. >> the main parties in bosnia have agreed to form a central government and in a political crisis. the parties had been deadlocked over the elections in october, 2010. negotiators agreed to pass a budget which will implement laws which will pave the way for a
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bosnian membership in the eu. closing the barn has been brought back to cairo for the resumption of his trial. mubarak hasni been brought back to cairo. the spanish royal family has revealed details of their finances for the first time in more than 30 years. the move was prompted by a corruption scandal involving king juan carlos's son-in-law. the king is shown to have received just under $400,000 for salary and expenses. church leaders in nigeria say that their members will defend themselves if the security forces are unable to protect them. the statement comes as tensions continue to rise after a series of attacks targeting churches across nigeria by and islamist group.
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they killed about 40 people. 90,000 have fled their home as a result of clashes. the president of the christian association of nigeria is one leader who has spoken out about the lack of security. i asked him what he is telling his members to do. >> as christians, we are law abiding and peaceful people. we want to nigeria to stay as one. we want to work together. when we continue to be on the receiving end like we have been for so long and it looks like this will not end. we believe that enough is enough and i'm saying to them, defend yourself. if the security forces cannot help you, help yourself and make sure no one kills you and kills your family. do whatever you have to do to keep alive. >> do whatever you have to do to
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stay alive, that sounds like the beginning of a religious conflict. >> i don't know if that is what you call it but for me i call it protecting yourself. i don't think that anyone can walk into your house and kill you when you can defend yourself. all i'm telling my people is that you are not the one to do and against anyone but if they come against you and your business, protect yourself, do what you have to do. >> what happened of christmas day, no one has said that that was anything less than absolutely horrible. you are a christian. what about turning the other cheek? >> what do you do when you have turned both cheeks? you have no more cheeks to turn.
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jesus used a state to drive them out of the house of god. there are times when you have to do what you have to do because people have to stay alive in order to turn and other cheek. at this time, we have done everything that we know how to do. the u.s. -- >> u.s. navy has warned that they will not tolerate any disruption of should be in the strait of hormuz. there was statements from tehran that they could close it if the u.s. imposes new sanctions. this is the strategic passageway through which 1/6 of the world's oil flows. >> this comment from both the pentagon and the naval fleet followed a statement from the iranian vice-president in which
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he said that iran could close the strait of hormuz. this was a pretty clear and measured statement from the pentagon saying that they would not tolerate any closure they found the temperature rising on temperature it -- rising on tensions to be on helpful. they were perfectly at home -- perfectly aware that iran was carried out exercises in the strait of hormuz. the u.s. is reiterating we will not tolerate any closure of the strait of hormuz and laying down a fairly clear marker. >> does the pentagon believe that they can actually close the strait and keep it close? >> well, i'm not sure that the pentagon would like to say what it believes about iran possibility. clearly iran feels that they can.
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they have said that they can do this as easily as closing -- as drinking a glass of water. this is about the issue of the ratcheting up of sanctions and all eyes are on the question of whether the u.s. and eu will put sanctions on iranian oil output. there have been years of slowly tightening sanctions. there has been much more on the question of iranian oil outfoot -- will output. the u.s. has said that we are not responding in international waters. joshed the u.s. is said that iran is not responding in -- the u.s. has said that iran is not responding in international waters. >> soldiers from ireland fought
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in world war ii, landed on the beaches of normandy, and fought in the battle of the bulge. when they come home, they were treated like criminals and put on the government blacklist. those were still alive are being recognized as war heroes. >> the people turned out on some patrick's day. >> 1939. the leaders of the republic of ireland decided that their countries should remain neutral. more than 10% of the amish are me -- of the irish army defected to fight fascism. when they returned, they were harshly punished for serving in the army of the old enemy. dismissed without pay and pension, they were placed on a blacklist banning them from any job paid for with government funds. among them was this 88-year-old. >> the war was over.
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>> he served with honor at the battle of the bulge, there was no hero's welcome at home. >> they labeled us traitors. i know in my heart that we did the right thing. we liberated the camps. i will never regret it and i would do it again. >> at the irish parliament, there are demands for action. >> what happened is a stain on irish history and i believe that the government must act urgently to resolve this matter and it essentially provide a pardon to these men. >> there is no mention to the defense -- there is no mention on this defense memorial of the men who served in world war ii. the government is considering a pardon. for those that survived, time is fast running out.
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>> this is "bbc world news," our top story -- 10 people have reportedly been killed in fresh violence and syria despite the presence of arab league observers. abdel omar is the coordinator of the syrian observer of human rights. i asked him about the situation. >> the death toll to date in homs is six. the observer team visited homs for the second time today. it was a very short visit. the fast majority of the population, the civilian population, are feeling deeply letdown. they have given the statements that this delegation seems to be totally apathetic to their grievances and concerns. they are actually asking them to visit them in at their badly
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hit neighborhoods but so far the delegation has refused and they have shown no signs of empathy whatsoever. there are deep concerns as to why they did not visit another district yesterday which saw tens of thousands of individuals risk their lives and face gunfire by the government forces in order to protest. >> you paint a dark picture for us but on the other side, 750 detainees were released today. that was one of the original preconditions laid down by the arab league when they took the step of suspending surry of's membership. >> that is true. -- the arab league when they took the step of suspending syria's membership. >> there are 15,000 that are still in jail. the only reason this was released is because the regime saw the attempt from the
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initiative was close to be declared a failure. we can look at the overall picture. the delegation is supposed to be following three conditions. one, the complete release of the detainees. number two, free media movement within the country. international media is able to record what is happening on the ground. that has yet to be met. third, the complete lifting of the military operators from the streets of syria. we struggle to understand what the focus of the observation is so far. >> so far you don't expect to see at christmas time, the basilica of the nativity in bethlehem was where priests came to blows over the celebrations. >> cleanup for christmas. greek and armenian orthodox
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priests had been preparing the church for orthodox celebrations of just over a week's time. the rival christian denominations each control sections of the church and fiercely guard their turf. someone overstepped the line. what started as a sweep up ended as a punch up. the broomstick was a weapon of choice. palestinian police eventually had to intervene. remarkably, scuffles among the priesthood in bethlehem are not unusual. most years, they come to blows over territorial disputes within the church. the 1700 year old building, one of the holiest sites in christianity, it is in a bad state of repair because the priests cannot agree who should
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pay for its upkeep. today, no one was seriously injured but christmas cheer was in short supply. >> from the church of bethlehem too one of ice and snow. this place opened on a german ski resort. it has a towering 19 meters high. it was built to mark the anniversary of another snow church made by the the locals in 1911. it will be used for religious ceremonies, cultural events, and as a tourist attraction. there was a controversial and to a yacht race and it is not clear who has won. the margin of victory was just three minutes. >> it was an epic finished to
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the famous 1,100 kilometer race down eastern australia from sydney to the island state of tasmania. just three minutes separated the leader from its tenacious challenger at the end of one of the toughest assignments. the winning time was two days, six hours, 14 minutes, while outside the records. the race committee has lost a complaint against the winner alleging that they used a news helicopter to spy on their nearest rival to get information about the type of sale they're using. if this is up held, they could be disqualified. the hearing will take place on thursday when much of the fleet will still be at sea. competitors have been battered by heavy seas whipped up by a cyclone which have developed much further north off the coast of queensland. several boats were forced to retire. for those that soldiered on, it
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was a bumpy ride. once across the straits, a notoriously while stretch of water that separates tasmania from the mainland, competitors had to contend with light and unpredictable wind. with celebrations on hold, the winners now face a nervous wait to find out if they will be stripped of their crown. >> in italy, the culture ministry is investigating reports that its of rock have fallen from the coliseum in rome. witnesses saw the falling masonry and it called -- and it caused alarm. >> the emblem of the roman empire where gladiators once fought wild beasts and each other to entertain spectators. build almost 2000 years ago, the coliseum is considered one of
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the greatest works of roman architecture and engineering. now, there are fears that this will be crumbling. >> a fragment detached from the face on the first level. it was small, less than 5 centimeters. >> just two days later, it there was a second report on concern of another fragment of masonry breaking off. environmentalists raised the alarm about the state of the coliseum. they claim it is because of vibrations from vehicles and the subway damaging the monument. others say there is no cause for panic. >> this is typical of ancient monuments. they are due to the action of the rain and wind but also because of the pigeons. >> there's not a lot that can be
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done around the pigeons. the state of the building once a 33 million-dollar restoration project. >> this is in good shape. they need more protection. >> when rome falls, the world. reason enough to save this ancient arena from crumbling to the ground. >> a team of british scientists has captured images of very rare species. they believe some of them may be new to science. >> a dark and mysterious world almost 3,000 meters belief -- beneath the surface of the
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indian ocean. this is an extreme environment, inhospitable, but also a rich in minerals. this is home to strange a specially adapted creatures. researchers have been surveying an area in the south indian ridge. they believe some of the species they found are new to science. for example, this yeti crab. researchers have been surprised by the diversity. >> this is a crossroads for marine life. our task is to understand how the creatures related to other species. by studying these, we hope to better understand how animals evolved in the deep ocean. >> volcanic vents support unusual food chains which depend on chemical energy rather than sunlight.
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creatures must move between defense in order to survive. scientists are not the only one with an interest in exploring here. china has been granted a license to look at the potential of tapping into mineral resources down on the seabed. >> a really good example why it is never a good idea to makes power tools with hungry reptiles. this is what happened when elvis the crocodile attempted to know the one in his in closure. the lawnmower was no match. the staff decided to rescue the equipment. elvis has a reputation for being a bit of a mischief-maker. he lost two teeth in the process. you can get your headlines online whenever you want at
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>> make sense of international news. >> funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu newman's own fo union bank. >> you are no longer in the service. only an outsider can find the double agent. >> i'll do my utmost. >> from the bestseller by john le carre -- >> all i want from you is one code name. >> it will take a master spy -- >> you are alone. >> you can't mention me. >> to catch a spy. >> you have to assume they're watching you. >> what the hell are you doing up here? >> things aren't always what
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